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We’ve interviewed the creators of many books, publications, and other products over the years which are of interest to Land Rover owners around the globe. We’ve gathered them all here for your perusal and as potential gift ideas. Help support our podcast and as well as our guests by purchasing via the links on this page.


ALLOY+GRIT — Magazine

A premium 100 page quarterly magazine covering Land Rovers in North America for all types of owners. Featured on Episode #43 — Grit + Alloy.

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The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada by TeriAnn Wakeman — Book

“Learn how to choose and equip a long distance overland vehicle, and camping gear that best fits your individual needs. Why you might make one choice over another depending upon your situation. This book is divided into three sections: Getting started, gearing up for extended overland travel, and going out on the trail.” Featured on Episode #42 — Land Rovers Are Magic.

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Travel the Planet Overland by Graeme & Luisa Bell — Book

“The purpose of this book is to inspire others to explore this magnificent rock we all call home and the core message is simply that anyone sufficiently inspired can travel the planet overland. We take the readers hand and walk them through the long term world travelers reality, introducing the different types of overland travelers and the vehicles they prefer based on the fluidity of their cash flow. We then guide readers through the financial and emotional preparations for overland travel and provide the tools for overland travel success!” Feature on Episode #37 — Recurring Characters.

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